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TVCH Backup System and Status Board

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008 - 9:52 pm   Edit Post Move Post Delete Post View Post Send Moderator a private message Print Post    
We have some exciting news. We have created a new TVCH Backup System that will be available to provide status updates in the hopefully rare event that the TVCH Board is down. Even better, the new Backup System will allow people to continue to post during longer board outages!

The Backup System board will be limited to three main posting threads one for Big Brother General Discussions, one for Big Brother Live Feed Posting and one for General Discussions (Non-BB). There will also be a Questions to the Moderators thread.

These threads will only be opened for general posting in the event of a significant main board outage (more than 30 minutes).

Please note that posts on the Backup Board will not be copied back to the main board. The only exception to this is Live Feed posting, which will be copied back.

As well, please keep in mind that this is a Backup Board and therefore can not handle the same amount of traffic as the main board. There may be some slowdowns and we request that you please limit posting graphics and understand that there may be some speed and access limitations.

The Backup Board is located at:

We strongly suggest that you save the above address to your Favorites so that it is available in the event the main board goes down.