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Spoiler Rules at TVCH

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Monday, November 19, 2007 - 2:40 pm   Edit Post Move Post Delete Post View Post Send Moderator a private message Print Post    
Spoilers are not allowed at TVCH, except in designated threads specifically for Spoilers or when a Spoiler Box is used.

What is not a Spoiler?

Any information aired on TV during the American East Coast showing of the show is not a spoiler, provided that the information is posted in the show's thread/area. For example, we don't post information about Survivor in Grey's Anatomy threads and vice versa.

Any information that is widely available from an official network media source is not considered a spoiler. That would include the network website, TV listings, TIVO listings and TV previews shown for next week.

Purely speculating about what will happen based on what has previously been broadcast is not the same as spoiling. It is fine to speculate about what will happen on a show. To avoid any confusion or misunderstanding it may help to state that you are speculating and not spoiling.

What is a Spoiler?

Anything else not mentioned above is considered a spoiler.

For news articles or spoilers about a show, many shows have separate threads for just this purpose. We would appreciate keeping conversations about news articles (for example reports about actors leaving or contract negotiations) or other spoilers in these spoiler designated threads. For shows that don't have their own thread for such items, please try to put such items in spoiler boxes unless or until it becomes obvious that the news is so widely reported that it's impossible to avoid.

How to make a Spoiler Box:

Please use the following simple code to create Spoiler Boxes.

\spoiler{Place spoiler information here.}

Which will look like

Click below to view spoiler
Place spoiler information here.