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What is Bashing and Name Calling and Why It is not Allowed at TVCH

Bashing is making a general all encompassing negative statement about someone that refers to the person's general qualities. However, referring to someone's specific actions is not bashing.

Name calling is using a common derogatory expression when referring to a person (e.g. that jerk) or using a derogatory nickname for a person.

Examples of Bashing and Name Calling:

"Person X is stupid."

"I think person X is stupid."

"Person X has diminished intellectual capacity."

"Person X makes me puke."

"Person X makes me throw up in my mouth a little."

"That idiot never does anything right."

"He is a real jerk."

Replacing names like Amanda with Amanduh and Adam with Adumb. Although other competitors, game players or editorial sites may use derogatory nicknames that does not mean that they are allowed at TVCH. The only exception is when specifically quoting or discussing what a contestant has said.

Examples that are not Bashing or Name Calling:

"It was stupid of Person X to make that decision."

"I don't agree with Person X's policies."

"I don't like Person X and I am never going to vote for him."

"He sure is bad at playing this game."

Simply being negative about someone's actions is not bashing. Not liking someone is not bashing. Saying that someone is performing poorly is not bashing. Keep it specific.

One might think that the difference between the above statements is negligible or that your intent is obvious. However, we have found based on experience that the second approach is much more conducive to a civil and intelligent discussion of the issues and those are the rules for people who wish to post at TVCH.