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The Stinkin' Rules All About Posting...

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In the beginning.

And on the first day Neil created TVCH and the people rejoiced. Come one and all he said and enjoy unbridled un-moderated adult discussion of a reality TV show and the people gathered from far and near. And soon too came the trolls and the flame warriors and the people suffered and woe and discord swept across the board. So Neil looked around and said I shall summon my own warriors, work them long hours and pay them nothing and thus he created the Moderators. But to his great distress the moderators necessitated "the stinkin' rules". The Moderators and Trolls fought a great battle and though there were casualties, the Moderators prevailed and order was restored but the war has never ended.

What follows are our humble rules. They are here not for the sake of their correctness or their moral intrinsic righteousness as they have none. They are simply tools we use to try to keep the peace amongst our membership and maintain a fun, safe, getaway. They are long and comprehensive. To get a feel for how these rules are used in practice we highly recommend you check out the Moderator Mission Statement and/or The Rules FAQ.

TVCH presents:

The Stinkin' Rules

This is a mature and moderated board. And while it is here for your enjoyment, membership and use of the board is a privilege, not a right.

Respect and tolerance for each other is our code.

I) Poster to Poster interaction.

Personal attacks against other posters will be deleted. Any post which is threatening or cruel to other posters will not be tolerated and will be deleted in its entirety.

Posts which are insulting to a specific poster or a specific group of posters may be deleted or edited.

Posts interpreted to be designed to 'Bait' an angry reaction from another poster may be deleted or edited.

Posts which tell another poster what they can or cannot post may be deleted or edited.

Posts designed to intimidate other posters from expressing their opinion may be deleted or edited.

Stalking/targeting, following a poster around the board to various topics to post argumentative replies or 'Baiting' directed at that poster is not allowed. Moderators may take action against the posts or the poster for stalking and targeting.

II) Objectionable content.

Posts that are ethnically insulting or degrading will be deleted or edited. (Ethnic is inclusive of race, religion, national origin or ancestry, gender or sexual orientation.)

Posts containing content that is excessively profane or sexually graphic in word or image may be edited or deleted. We attempt to mimic primetime network TV standards in evaluating what is excessive.

Commercial, financial or unapproved charitable solicitations, solicitation to participate in pyramid marketing programs, and promotion of competitive websites may be deleted.

Posts that appear libelous may be edited or deleted.

Whining about moderation or the stinkin' rules may be deleted.

III) Topic Disruption and Topic Inactivity

Posts that no longer make sense because they refer to a post that has been edited or deleted may be removed.

Off-topic posts that disrupt the flow of the topic's discussion may be deleted.

Discussion or mention of moderation, even though not whining, may be deleted if it disrupts the flow of discussion of the topic or fuels whining within the thread.

Inactive topics (topics with no new posts) may be deleted after about 1 week of inactivity, sometimes sooner depending on number of posts and traffic to the board.

Everyone is encouraged to use the "Messages to Everyone (and Holiday Greetings)" thread when offering general good wishes to board members. This is particularly important during periods of increased board activity (such as during the Big Brother season). Spam, the repeated posting of similar messages in multiple threads or folders in a short period of time, may be deleted if it is determined that it is adversely affecting the board's performance or operation.

Small, one-word or no-text messages may be deleted.

IV) Bashing of Celebrities and Public Figures.

Posts attacking the character of Celebrities, their families or public figures may be deleted. Mean and malicious posts will not be tolerated.

Calling Celebrities and public figures derogatory names may be deleted.

V) Ownership of Threads and Posts.

The original poster of a thread does not own that thread; it belongs to the board. We will always try to honor a poster's request to remove one of their own posts but once other members have commented on posts or made contributions in a thread within the rules of the board, the thread and posts become property of the board and the contributions of those other posters will be considered in trying to accommodate requests for after the edit deadline deletions.

VI) Board Disruption (Trolls)

Occasionally a disruptor whose main or sole purpose on the board is to battle with the moderators, target/bait/stalk a board member(s) or attempt to set a tone that discourages others from posting will appear and the moderators may terminate the posting privileges of a member they determine to be a disruptor.

Attempts to breech the security of this site or its restricted areas or to circumvent or otherwise abuse the features of the board for any reason will not be tolerated and accounts attempting such will be deleted immediately and may result in reporting the actions to their service provider for any possible legal action.

Only one User account is permitted for any one person even if that person�s original account is currently banned or suspended. Persons using additional accounts will have that account and subsequent accounts deleted.

Persons making modifiable posts while accessing the board using proxy servers or other disguised identification may be banished without notice or explanation.

VII Interpretation of Intent and Subjectivity

Much of the enforcement of rules requires us to make a subjective judgment on how a post reads to others. Posters intent is not as important as how it will likely be perceived. While we readily admit fallibility in interpreting both intent and perception, in the end the moderators judgment will be the final word. If you have a post deleted we suggest you simply rephrase the post to fit within these guidelines and post it again.

Respect and tolerance for each other is our code.

These are the stinkin' rules and guidelines and they are long and comprehensive. To get a feel for how these rules are used in practice we highly recommend you check out the Moderator Mission Statement and/or The Rules FAQ.