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How to Post a Picture at TVCH

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How to Post a Picture at TVCH:

The maximum file size currently allowed at TVCH is 128k. In any event, we don't want to post wide images that will extend the screen beyond its normal viewable size. Therefore, images should be sized appropriately for web viewing. Here are some step by step instructions regarding how to downsize your image using the Resize Graphic/Image tool and then post the image using Upload Attachment (both buttons are located next to the Preview/Post Message button).

Resize the Image:

If you have a program and know how to use it to resize images to make them smaller you can use it. For landscape images 600 pixels wide or less saved as a medium quality jpg file usually produces good results.

Or you can use the TVCH resizer by doing the following.

Click the Resize Graphic/Image button and use the Browse button to find the image on your hard drive that you want to resize and upload to TVCH. Double-click on the image file name.

Select the maximum width for the resized image. 600 or 500 (pixels wide) usually works well.

Click Submit. Depending on the size of your image and the speed of your Internet connection this may take a minute or two so please be patient.

Save the resized file when prompted by your browser.

Click Close to return to the posting window.

Post the Image:

Click the Upload Attachment button (right next to the Preview/Post Message button) and find your resized image that you saved in the previous step. Hint - If you used the TVCH resizer, the filename will begin with "TVCH". Select it by double clicking on it.

If you like you can put a description in the box underneath where it says "Type a description for your attachment" (this is optional).

Click Upload to upload it. It will upload it and put a code for the image at the end of your post.

You can then move the code to anywhere in your post so the picture appears where you want it to in the post.

Please note that you cannot edit an existing post and add an image.

Hope this helps!


Unless the images belong to you personally, you must provide credit and links for all images.

Editorial cartoons that have signatures and copyrights do not need additional attributions, but all other items do.

Sadly, we will have to remove the image if the above is not provided.